Garage Door Repair in Pataskala, OH

All Pro Overhead Door Systems provides garage door repair and installation services in Pataskala, OH. We service both residential and commercial overhead doors. With offices in Columbus, OH and Newark, OH our experienced garage door technicians are perfectly positioned to quickly repair your garage door or door opener. With over 75+ years of combined door industry experience, you can count on us to fix your door right the first time. If you’re experiencing an emergency related to your garage door, please call (614) 444 – DOOR (3667) for immediate assistance. The All Pro Doors staff monitors the phones 24×7 365.  Contact us with any garage door related questions. We are here to help.

We Offer Garage Door Repair in Pataskala, OH
We Offer Garage Door Repair in Pataskala, OH

Why Choose Us For Your Garage Door Repair Needs?

All Pro Overhead Door Systems is a family owned and operated garage door repair shop that serves the Pataskala, OH community. Founded in 2006 by Joe Miller, the All Pro Doors slogan is “Setting the Standard in Excellence”. Our number one priority is to fix our customers garage doors correctly and safely the first time. Additionally, our technicians drive trucks fully stocked with the equipment they need to repair your garage door. Most of the time our experienced door specialist can fix your garage door the same day it breaks. Finally, when you call All Pro Doors you will always speak to a live representative on the other end. We don’t use call centers or automated robot response systems. Our office staff is local to you and will help you with any door related needs you may have.

We Offer the Following Garage Door Repair Services in Pataskala, OH

  • Garage door torsion and extension spring repair
  • Garage door panel replacement
  • Broken roller replacement
  • Cable repair and replacement
  • Garage door adjustments
  • Emergency garage door repair
  • Door opener installations and repairs

Garage Door Torsion and Extension Spring Replacement

Garage door torsion and extension spring repair is one of the most common jobs we do in Pataskala. Springs are essential to the proper functioning of your overhead door. However, replacing your door springs without proper training can be dangerous. We recommend leaving spring replacement to the professionals. Our technicians keep the most common spring sizes in stock so they can usually repair your garage door spring the same day it breaks. Contact us if you’re having a spring issue with your door and we will fix it properly and safely the first time.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

We can usually fix your garage door panel without replacing your entire garage door. A panel is one of many sections in a garage door. When the panels are all assembled they make a complete door. If one of the panels becomes warped or damaged, our technicians can remove that panel and replace it with an identical one. The lead times on door panel replacement depend on the manufacturer that made your door. Different manufacturers have different lead times. However, no matter who made your garage door we can fix.

Broken Garage Door Roller Replacement

The rollers on your garage door connect the door to the track and allow the door to be moved up and down by your opener. If your rollers are damaged your door may make loud noises when it is being operated or not function properly at all. Furthermore, a broken roller may cause your garage door to get jammed on its way up or down. Broken garage door rollers need fixed immediately We carry the common door roller sizes in inventory and can get your door working again quickly.

Overhead Door Cable Replacement

Garage door cables have an important role in the operation of your garage door. They work with the door springs in order to move your door up and down on the tracks. If you have a cable break, your garage door will not open. Attempting to operate your door with a broken cable may put unneeded stress on the door system. If you have a cable break do not attempt to open your door. Instead, call our garage door specialist and let them help you. We keep cables in stock and our door technicians can usually fix your garage door cable the same day it breaks.

Garage Door Adjustments

If your garage door is operating loudly, making strange noises, or just doesn’t seem to be working right, your garage door might need to be adjusted. Our technicians can make sure your door is properly aligned and that all the parts are in working order. Many times a door adjustment leads to the realization that a door part is not working properly. However, sometimes your garage door just needs an alignment to work properly again. Contact us today if your garage door needs to be looked at.

Emergency Garage Door Repair in Pataskala

We know you have a busy schedule and won’t always wait three days to get your garage door fixed. All Pro Doors offer after hours and weekend emergency repairs. If you’re in need of immediate assistance please call (614) 444-DOOR (3667) to speak to our experienced office staff. They will advise you on the next steps and get one of our garage door specialists headed to your location.

Garage Door Opener Repairs and Installation

We carry the entire residential and commercial garage door opener lines from LiftMaster and Genie. If your commercial or residential door opener needs repair or replaced we can do so quickly. We carry the most common Genie and LiftMaster openers in stock. Additionally, we keep our inventory of opener parts fully stocked so we can quickly make opener repairs. Contact us if you need your opener inspected.

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