The Value of Replacing a Garage Door

Garage Door Repair in Columbus, OH

Do you have a garage door that’s damaged and dysfunctional? This is the case for many homeowners, but what most people don’t realize is that replacing your garage door isn’t just for looks.

It can also be a huge value add and one of the smartest investments you could make when it comes to remodeling projects. In case your garage door is on its last legs or could use a makeover, let’s go over the value of replacing yours.

How Much is there to Gain?

If you are considering replacing your garage doors, you should know that statistics show it has the 2nd highest ROI of any other home improvement project. In fact, you’ll be able to recoup as high as 94.5% of your initial investment.

With an ROI so high, it’s nearly a free upgrade if you look at it from a long-term viewpoint. The reason for this is that the garage door has a big impact on curb appeal and property value as a result.

With a project like this, the national average (higher than Ohio) is $3,000 – $4,000 cost to install a garage door is nearly offset completely over time. That means if your garage door is showing signs of wear, it’s a great time to upgrade.

When Should You Replace the Doors on Your Garage?

You should replace your garage doors if they don’t close properly or are hard to close. If there are wires damaged, if there are dents in the door itself, if the security of the door is compromised in any way, or if there is no security at all.

Installing a fresh new garage door could improve your energy efficiency and curb appeal while making your home, tools, and vehicles much safer in the process.

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Replacing a garage door in Columbus, OH or Newark, OH
Replacing a garage door in Columbus, OH or Newark, OH

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