Slow Moving Garage Door

Slow Moving Garage Door Newark, OH

In our fast-paced world, when we’re ready to go – we’re ready to go.   A slow-moving garage door can be another little irritant to start our day.  This is especially so when we’re noticing it moving slower over time.  Let’s briefly look at the causes, possible solutions, and when it may be time to call in a professional.

Slow Moving Garage Door Causes

There could be several reasons for your garage door moving slowly, some of which you can handle yourself.  The speed setting, lubrication, moving parts, springs or motor itself could need attention.  Often, the simple lack of maintenance will slow down your door.

Keep it Moving, Columbus, Newark/Heath

First, if your garage door has speed settings, ensure the setting is where you want it, since the automatic setting may be at the slowest mark.   Keep in mind, those with small children may want to keep the setting low since the speed of closing is safer.  Note that most garage doors only have the up/down and height adjustment setting options.  The second and most common solution is to lubricate the tracks, hinges and brackets.  After adding lubricant, test your door to see if that solved the problem.  You may have to open and close the door a few times.   If that hasn’t changed the speed of your door, visually inspect the springs to see if they have stretched out or rust has formed.   You may also question whether there’s a problem with the motor.  In those cases, and as we previously recommended, motors and spring repair and replacement should be handled by a professional due to the safety factors involved.

Regular Door Maintenance

Finally, we can’t stress enough the importance of regular maintenance to ensure the long life of your garage door.  We’d be happy to show you step by step how to maintain your door and to assist you in all your garage door needs in Franklin County, Licking County, and surrounding areas.  For Columbus and surrounding areas, call us at (614)444-DOOR and Newark/Heath and Zanesville areas, call us at (740)444-DOOR.   We look forward to hearing from you.

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