Manually Opening a Garage Door

Open a Garage Door Manually

There are a lot of situations where you may need to open your garage door manually. The most common are when the power is out or your garage door opener stops working correctly. Sometimes you may be able to wait for the power to come on or for a garage door professional to come fix your garage door opener. However, if you need to get to work or take care of your family, you might need to opener your garage door manually.

How to Opener Your Garage Door Manually

First, find the cord hanging from the garage door opener. Make sure your garage door is in the down position.  Never pull a cord for a door in the up position.  Instead call a garage door professional. Pulling the cord with a garage door in the up position could result in serous injury or death. Most cords will be red, but there is usually only one cord hanging from the door opener. Pull down on the cord until the lever it is attached to clicks into place. This means that your garage door can now be opened by hand. Some garage doors will have handles on the back of the garage door. You can use these handles to help you open the door. If you garage door does not have handles, lift from the bottom of the door.

How to Attach Your Garage Door Back to the Door Opener

Once the power is back on or your garage door opener is returned to working order, you will need to attach your garage door to your door opener again. To do this, pull down on the same single cord you used to allow your garage door to be opened by hand. When you hear and feel the lever detach, you will be able to opener your garage door using the opener.


  • When your garage door is detached from the opener, you should use a manual door locked to prevent break-ins.
  • All Pro Doors cannot know if you are capable of manually lifting a garage door. It is up to you to know if you can safely perform the manual garage door opening process.

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