Maintaining Your Garage Door

Commercial Garage Door Installation Columbus, Ohio

Most people are not aware that routine maintenance for the garage door is something that needs to be done. It is best to have a trained technician do a thorough review and tune-up of your door and opener once a year.

Your garage door is made up of nuts, bolts, brackets, cables and rollers. These parts can shift or loosen away from the rail because of the everyday movement of your garage door. Ensuring that your garage door is maintained on a regular basis makes certain the door is in working order and is safe for you and your family. An improper working garage door can lead to safety issues. If your torsion spring breaks it could force the door to come down on you, your family or your vehicle.

If your garage door starts making a loud noise when it is going up or down, stops shutting properly, leaves a gap after closing, or seems to be tilted to one side when shut – it is probably out of alignment or has parts that need to be replaced.

All Pro Overhead Door Systems, LLC can help extend the life of your garage door with regular garage door maintenance services. Call us at the first sign of any issues with your garage door. Our trained technicians can come out and do a maintenance check on your door to ensure it is in proper working order. Call 614-444-DOOR.

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