Is a New Garage Door in Columbus Worth It?

A New Garage Door is Worth It

Is it worth getting a new garage door?

It is a common question for many products, not just garage doors. Should I get a new one, or try to make this one last longer? We ask ourselves this question for nearly every product: cars, kitchen appliances, computers, and the list goes on. While the Amarr and Carriage House garage doors we install are definitely well built and capable of lasting for a long time, sometimes it can be difficult to know whether to keep repairing a door or to install a new garage door. In this blog post, we’ll walk through some of the common situations that will have you asking this question.

Garage Doors Affect on Your Homes Curb Appeal

Many studies show that a new garage door will get you 98% of its value back when you sell your home. Furthermore, a brand new garage door will make your home appear more modern, better maintained, and more desirable when you put your house on the market.

Quick Return on Investment

A new garage door can be installed in under one day’s time. This is a much faster return on investment than installing a new kitchen or other long-term home improvement projects.

Improve on Your Current Garage Door

If you have had your current garage door for over ten years, you could make some major improvements to your garage door. New garage doors and openers come with many new features such as: mobile applications that can monitor your garage door while you are away, vacation mode to keep your home safer while you are on vacation, and better insulation to protect your home and lower your monthly utility bills.

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