Get Your Garage Door Ready for Winter in Columbus, OH.

Get Your Garage Door Ready for Winter

We know it is only the beginning of Fall, but we also know most of us like putting off home repair, improvements, and maintenance, so we figured we would bring it up sooner rather than later: it is time to get your garage door ready for winter. In this blog post, we will discuss the most cost efficient way to get your garage door ready for winter.

Lubricate Your Garage Door Springs

Winter is hard on garage door springs. This is one of the reasons garage door spring repair is the most common type of garage door repair in Columbus. It is recommended you lubricate your garage door springs every month during the cold seasons. This will help your garage door operate smoothly through the winter and last longer.

Replace Your Garage Doors Weather Stripping

The weather stripping on your garage door keeps cold air and water from getting into your garage.   Replacing your garage doors weather stripping will make your garage cheaper to heat during the winter.

Keep Your Garage Free From Standing Water

Having standing water on your garage floor can be dangerous to you and your family. Make sure to keep your garage clean and organized during the winter. This makes it easier to mop of spills and identify leaky faucets.

Don’t Procrastinate Garage Door Repairs

If you have any garage door maintenance that needs done before the winter, we recommend getting it scheduled now. Garage door repairs and installation schedules tend to fill up quickly as soon as the weather gets cold. By scheduling now, you’ll save yourself time and convince in the future.

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