Garage Door Safety for Children

Child Garage Door Safety

It’s probably not surprising that the most common garage door injury to children involve their hands and fingers.    Children are playful and curious by nature, so adults must keep their safety a priority.    Let’s look at some common-sense measures to safeguard your family from preventable accidents.

Keeping Them Safe

  • At all times, strive to keep children away from the garage door, especially when it’s in operation.
  • Don’t allow children to play with garage door remotes.
  • Children should not be pushing the indoor buttons to open and close door.   The buttons should be high enough that a small child would not see the temptation.
  • Testing the sensors regularly is key.  Place a small object in the path of the closing door to see how quickly the door reverses.
  • Regular garage door maintenance is a must.  Worn springs and unaligned tracks are a recipe for accidents even when following all the advice above.

Protecting Our Children in Franklin and Licking Counties

Teaching our children to respect and beware of the dangers of garage doors is comparable to teaching them about ovens/stoves.    Same concept; they are simply not toys.    Much has been studied and written on this subject and, in fact, there’s a website dedicated to it.  You can find much more information and statistics at:

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