Garage Door Opener Surge Protector


Safety, security, and peace of mind are most important when it comes to your home.  Since many homeowners treat their garage door as their main home entrance/exit, ensuring its proper function is essential.  Therefore, the small investment in an opener surge protector surge protector for your garage door opener will add another level of home security.

Why You Need an Opener Surge Protector

When lightning strikes, the potential for damage to your garage door opener is very real.  Those of us who live in Franklin and Licking Counties know how fierce our storms can be.  Without a surge protector, homeowners can expect the possibility of the following damage during a storm.

  • Circuit Boards – Irreparable damage to circuit boards is the most common result of a lightning strike.  The cost of a surge protector is minimal in comparison to the purchase and installation of a new circuit board.
  • Burnt Wiring – Your garage door opener contains electrical wiring which can overheat, melt and burn during a power surge.  Naturally, that causes a fire hazard for the entire home.  Additionally, metal components may overheat and weld together preventing the door from opening.
  • Erratic and Unpredictable Operation – You may not immediately notice the damage a lightning strike has caused to your garage door opener.  While it may appear to be working correctly, the electronics could be damaged to the point of scrambling its operation.  With these electrical functions in disarray, your garage door may open/close on its own.  Obviously, this poses a dangerous situation.

Signs Lightening Struck Your Door

Here are some signs that your garage door opener has been struck by lightning.

  • Remotes/fobs/keypads don’t work.
  • Unit lights and sensor lights are not working.
  • Opener works erratically and on its own.
  • Circuit board light is flashing.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the above, it is best to unplug the door opener and manually open and close the garage door until repairs are made.

Finally, surge protectors can easily be purchased online or at any home improvement store and, obviously, we highly recommend them.  This famous quote comes to mind, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   At All Pro Overhead Door Systems we employ professional technicians for both residential and commercial garage door service.   We serve Columbus and surrounding areas. Call us today at (614)444-DOOR for Columbus and (740)444-DOOR for Newark and Zanesville. (740)444-DOOR.

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