A Little Garage Door History

Garage Door History in Columbus

Ready for some Garage Door History? Following the invention of cars came the necessity of a place to store them.  Basically, sheds and barn-like structures were used, with wooden doors that opened outwards.  The overhead door was invented in 1921 by C.G. Johnson who, five years later, went on to invent the electric door opener.  Almost a century later, his inventions are still appreciated and in use.

Naturally, modifications, regulations, and safety standards have improved the use of overhead garage doors.  Where wood was once the only option for a garage door, in the 1970’s, galvanized steel doors became popular and remain a favorite today.  Modern technology also came up with other choices, such as fiberglass, resin-filled wood and vinyl-covered aluminum.  The advantage of the wooden doors was better insulation than steel.  So, out of necessity, came the invention of insulated steel doors.  The choice to purchase insulated or non-insulated steel doors is always available.  For instance, a detached garage may not need insulation, while an attached residential garage door would.  For insulated doors, there’s a definite cost-saving advantage on heating bills during the cold winters in Franklin and Licking Counties. 

With the invention of overhead garage doors and electric openers came unforeseen dangers.  Specifically, property damage, personal injury and even death occurred.  Fortunately, in 1993, the Consumer Product Safety Commission passed a law that required garage doors to be equipped with photoelectric sensors.  Some consumers also use pressure sensitive sensors.   It’s beyond measure how many injuries have been prevented by sensors.

The photoelectric sensors are a safety device that prevents the garage door from closing on people or objects.  Two sensors are mounted on both sides of the garage door opening and approximately six inches above the ground.  The sensors are aligned to use an infrared beam which detects anything in its path and causes the door to stop and immediately reverse direction, putting the garage door at the open position.  

The pressure sensitive sensors are another safety feature option which springs the door back up when an object is in its path.  These pressure sensors are installed along the bottom edge of the garage door.  If the bottom edge touches or bumps something, it will quickly stop and reverse the door to its open position.  

As we see, garage doors have greatly advanced over the last century.  They have provided our families and businesses with security and convenience.  Installation, maintenance and the safe operation of overhead doors is our business – which we take pride in.    We are here to help with all your garage door needs.   For Columbus and surrounding areas, call us at (614)444-DOOR and Newark/Heath and Zanesville areas, call us at (740)444-DOOR.   We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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