Commercial Fire Safety Doors

Commercial Fire Safety Door - Amarr 4100

Model 4100

In applications where climate control is a must, the Model 4100 series provides maximum energy efficiency by using polyurethane insulation between the exterior and interior galvanized steel skins and full perimeter weather-stripping.


Our polyurethane insulation has an R-value of 6.29 and is of the highest quality available with a flame spread not greater than 25 and smoke generation less than 50.

Duty Rating Extra HD or Heavy-Duty
Insulation/R-Valu 6.29
Layers 3
Warranty 2-Year Limited
Price $$$$
Commercial Fire Safety Door - Amarr 4200

Model 4200

For unequaled protection and simplicity of testing, the Model 4200 series fire door provides a new dimension to fire protection. The Model 4200 series secures openings in fire walls with UL listed features that assure fast, reliable responses to threats against people and property.


The Model 4200 Series is the heavy-duty solution for the commercial or industrial opening in a fire wall.

Duty Rating Extra HD or Heavy-Duty
Insulation/R-Value N/A or 5.3
Layers 1 or 3
Warranty 2-Year Limited
Price $$$ or $$$$
Commercial Fire Safety Door - Amarr 4500

Model 4500

Designed specifically for counter top security where a clean, professional appearance is a must, these counter shutters provides all of the UL Listed features of a full sized fire door to protect your elevated openings in fire walls.


The Model 4500 Series is designed to secure the retail counter opening in a fire wall while providing a clean, professional appearance while open or closed.

Duty Rating Heavy-Duty
Insulation/R-Value N/A
Layers 1
Warranty 2-Year Limited
Price $$$

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