All Pro Launches New Website

If you are reading this on you will have noticed the website has changed.  You may be wondering why we have made these changes to our website.

We have several reasons:

  • Responsive web design has become the standard in recent years.  Resulting in dramatic improvements in web design techniques.  As a company we aim to utilize the best technologies available for our customers benefit and our own.  This new website demonstrates that.
  • The old website was built on an older version of WordPress.  Starting from scratch allowed us to improve performance and utilize new design decisions that will benefit us as a company and help us grow in a more organized fashion, allowing us to put our focus where it belong, on you, our customers.
  • We wanted to utilize HTML(5) and CSS(3).  Technologies that were not fully developed when the old website was built.

So what’s new?

There are a lot of major and minor changes to the new website.  Some obvious, some not.

More responsive

The responsiveness on the old was virtually non-existent.  This time around our website is designed with mobile users in mind.  We worked closely with our developers to ensure the website was designed with a “mobile first” mentality.  As a result, the appearance and usability should be substantially better on all mobile devices.

Information blog post are coming

Blog post regarding commercial and residential garage doors.  First up will be a series of blog post on commercial doors.


The best to you and your family,

Joe Miller, President

All Pro Overhead Door Systems, LLC.


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